KMHS WA Mental Health Week

The wonderful people from Kimberley Mental Health Services are putting on a free screening of this iconic New Zealand produced movie for Mental Health Week - Food provided and all the usual kiosk trimmings for a great movie in a beautiful setting.
For more information: or call 9194 2680  for more information.

Did we mention the price?  FREE

"I have grown weary of ratings over 8 recently and I want to let anyone reading this that I don't give out a 9 or 10 without thoughtful consideration. I developed this trepidation towards highly rated movies in the last few years in reaction to the incredible ratings that I have observed for Hollywood blockbusters in the last few years on review websites.
I go into films expecting to have my mind blown after seeing an 8 out of 10 rating, instead I'm am confronted with formulaic shtick. This film wholeheartedly deserves a 9 or 10 out of 10. It subtly puts across a plethora of social commentaries that will leave you thinking for days.
I am from New Zealand so found it very easy to identify with the characters but I am fairly confident it will come across to anyone from any background or nation. Cliff Curtis deserves to be on the international stage for his performance in this film.
Go and see it, you deserve it! To finally see an 8/9 out of 10 that is actually worthy of it. The group I saw this with was left quietly affected for hours. I suspect for days, I cannot confirm as I was only in this groups company for hours."