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The World's Oldest Operating Picture Garden celebrates 100 years!!


This is the 100th Anniversary year of the historic Sun Picture Theatre in Broome. If the walls or floorboards could talk, imagine what they would say 100 years later.


For Sun Pictures it has been a long journey. Surviving tidal floods, World War II, cyclones and the surge of television and video entertainment, it was recognised by the Guinness World Records in 2004.


Built at the turn of the century in the heart of Broome’s Chinatown, the building originally served as an Asian Emporium and Japanese playhouse. In 1913, the building was purchased by master pearler Ted Hunter.


Sun Pictures opened 9th December 1916 with its marble soda fountain, confectionery bar, cane and deck chair seating, it was the era of silent movies and the entertainment was presented complete with an accompanying pianist. The ‘picture garden’ quickly became the central place for entertainment and social meeting in Broome.


In 1924 Sun Pictures changed hands but continued to run as a cinema until then owners William Henry Milner Harry and Rupert Leonard Knight were forcibly evacuated two days before Japanese Zeros bombed Broome in March 1942.


Sun Picture Gardens was bought by Mr and Mrs Walter James Anderson in 1948 who continued the tradition of screening films until they sold the theatre to master pearler Alfred Morgan and his wife Ruby in 1953. Local identities Peter & Jean Haynes managed the theatre for them for 28 years. In 1982 Lord Alistair McAlpine became the new owner.  A succession of managers followed until 1988, when Tony Hutchinson and Marisa Ferraz purchased the theatre. In 1997 Marisa Ferraz became the sole owner.

In 2000, husband Ross de Wit joined her and continued the care of this Australian icon.


In tribute of this 100 year milestone, the World’s Oldest Operating Picture Gardens will be unveiling

 pavement plaques in Carnarvon Street in front of the theatre, commemorating the history of Sun Pictures.

An initiative supported by the Chinatown Revitalisation Project and the Shire of Broome.

Everyone is invited to be there and see the Sun Pictures walk of fame unveiled.


This is one sun which will never set!


UNVEILING: 4.00pm – this is a FREE event

WHERE: Sun Pictures, Chinatown Broome

WHEN: Saturday 26 August 2017


This important cinematic event will be celebrated by tributes to characters, stories and music, all of which

 have played a part in creating the colourful dynamic journey of this universal icon the same evening.


FESTIVITIES: 7.30pm to midnight – ticketed event

WHERE: Sun Pictures, Chinatown Broome

WHEN: Saturday 26 August 2017

TICKETS: $75.00 includes; supper & entertainment. Cash bar available.


For media enquiries contact: Gina Church 0409 299 220